Bonelli: the Italian excellence in comics!

A quick and easy way to learn Italian? Comics, of course! And in Italy, when you say comics, you say Bonelli.

Sergio Bonelli Editore is the main Italian comics publisher since the ‘50s, with more than 25 million copies distributed every year. About 30 different headings, with different characters and different stories, a unique mark in drawing and a huge attention to the stories are the peculiarities of this great italian publisher.

The main headings of Bonelli’s choice are:

Dylan Dog – The nightmare investigator. Created by Tiziano Sclavi, Dylan Dog is a gentle, vegetarian detective who investigates, together with his assistant Groucho (...so similar to Groucho Marx...) about strange events in a contemporary London.

Tex – Created by Gian Luigi Bonelli and Aurelio Galleppini in far 1948, it’s still one of the most read comics in Bonelli’s list. Set in the far west, the comic tells about the adventures of Tex Willer, Kit Carson, Kit Willer and Tiger Jack.

Martin Mystère – Martin Mystère was created by writer Alfredo Castelli and drawn by Giancarlo Alessandrini. Martin Mystère is an art historian, archaeologist, anthropologist, adventurer, writer, TV producer and collector of unusual objects. After the unexplained death of his parents in a plane crash, he starts to devote his studies to the most enigmatic events and places of human history.

You can find Bonelli comics in every newsstand in town! Have fun!

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Josh said...

beautuful Bonelli comics, i used to read Zagor in italian and i still actually find Dylan Dog in Turkey, where i live!

I like Marvell too, obviously ;)
great site! keep on!!!