Bus sightseeing in Milan

One of Milan’s big advantages, it’s the compactness of its downtown: you can visit all the main attractions just in a half-day walking tour. Beside this, taking example from the famous London double decker sighstening trips, a couple of companies are now providing bus tours in Milan city centre.
Duomo square, La Scala theatre, Sforzesco Castle, old Sant’Amborgio Basilica and Leonardo’s Last Supper fresco – are the usual stops of this 2 hours long tour. Well, the same distances could be easily covered by foot in the same time, and taking in account traffic conditions in Milan’s center, you’ll probably spend most of your time in the bus waiting at traffic lights.
Considering that adults tickets for this “experience” start from 20€ / person, we suggest you to enjoy a walking tour, and invest the saved cash in a couple of refreshing granite (melted ice with cyrup – priceless in summer days) while resting yourself in a bar, between one attraction and another.
Milan Bus Sightseeing
Piazza Castello, 1 - Milan
Tickets sold on board or in hotels.
Tel: +39 02 867131


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