Italian homemade food in Milan

The place we're gonna describe in this post is one of those you'll never find in any travel guide. It's almost a secret, approachable only by some selected adepts!
The "Trattoria Albero Fiorito" (bloomed tree) is a very small family-managed eating house, a hybrid between a country snack-bar and a restaurant, where you can eat genuine italian food for the lowest price in Milan.

Lasagne alla bolognese, spaghetti al pomodoro, italian cheese, and many other delicious courses, drinking a beautiful italian wine from Friuli (a famous italian wine district). And while you are drinking your italian coffee (espresso, obviously...) you'll be smiling at the bill: a complete supper costs about 11 €uros wine included!

But don't think to be in a restaurant! To order your meal you have to find paper and pen (not so easy!) and write your choises among the courses of the day, then ask for someone who can catch your paper... ah, you'll share your table with other people and we're sure you'll find interesting new friends!

"The earlier you get there, the most chance you have to sit down and eat". You can't miss it!
How to get there: underground line 2, Piola stop.

Trattoria Albero Fiorito
Via Pellizzone, 14 - Milan
Tel: +39 02 70123425


yuvakuran said...


Trattoria Cucina Casalinca Sabbioneda "da Romolo"
Gradita Prenotazioone
Milano - Via Tadino 32
Tel 02/

Italy for You said...

thanx for the suggestion!
we'll take a try and let you know!