Italian press - Chapter 1

Corriere della Sera: founded in 1876, is the most istitutional newspaper of Italy. During all these years the Corriere della Sera has pubblished some of the most prestigious signatures of italian journalism like Indro Montanelli, Enzo Biagi, Sergio Romano and many others. Actually you can read on it about politics, current events, sport and culture.

La Repubblica: historic italian newspaper, La Repubblica is the main competitor of the Corriere della Sera, with a moderate centre-left political stance. Born exactly 100 years after the Corriere della Sera, its main topic is politics, but you will find current events, sport and culture too.

La Gazzetta dello Sport: the most read of italian newspapers, it should tell about different sports, but hey...we’re italians....so...football, soccer and 22 people running behind a ball!
Unmistakable with its pink sheets it’s also one of the most exported newspaper abroad. Someone said: “An italian man far from home will miss pasta, but you can be sure he’ll find the Gazzetta!”.

Leggo: the most read free-press newspaper in Italy, it has almost the same readers of the Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica. Its main competitors are Metro and City and you can find it at every underground stop.

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